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Boobies Chords

In certain parts of the song, there's a weird chord made up of C#, F and G. Not sure how 
to play that on guitar, because I learnt it on Piano. It will be noted as just "C#"

Dm           F               Bb
When I first came into this world
you were there

Dm          F          Bb
safe in my mouth, and beautiful

Dm             F               Bb
whenever I was hungry you were there

Dm         F          Bb
safe in my mouth and beautiful

Gm        C#               Dm
and as a young man, I was taken
by the shape of you
     Gm        C#               Dm          F
and all I ever hoped to do was touch

Gm     C#           Dm                 F
as an older man, I can't believe it's possible
   Bb                       F
to love a pound of flesh so much
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F            F/A
Boobies are fine,
boobies are always on my mind

they make me safe,
              F/A               Bbsus2
yeah, like a happy little baby sleeping

F            F/A                 Bbsus2
boobies are sweet, boobies have always been
so good to me
F          F/A                 Bbsus2
Oooooh ooh ooooh... I love you boobies

I can't be bothered to do the rest, but it's the same!

she was everyone's favorite teacher
but we got used to her substitute

because she got sick in April,
we last saw Ms Wemett in June

I was too young to understand
I don't know, maybe I still am

maybe I'm not man enough

but how could something
that we've always known to love so much
take away the ones we love?

Boobies are fine,
boobies are always on my mind

they make me safe,
yeah, like a happy little baby sleeping

I know I'm limited, by the fact that I'm a man,
but I'll do what I can.

Oh, I love you boobies.