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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

Lovelibertydisco Bass Tab

Song:  LoveLibertyDisco
Artist:  Newsboys
Album:  LoveLibertyDisco
Tabbed by:  Kristel Mobley (Kiwi)

This is actually a really easy song to play.  It's my first "official"
tabbing, since I usually just write down the notes for myself rather
than the tablature.  To the best of knowledge this is accurate--if you
have any corrections or comments or whatever feel free to e-mail me.
Oh--and I'm lazy, so the fingering's really easy--if you don't like
it, go ahead and change the fingering to whatever's best for you.
As always, listen to the cd for rhythms and anything else you need. 
God bless you!

(Sorry, I don't know how to make the really cool disco bass sound!) :)

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Intro-4x		       Verse-8x/4x
D:-----------------------      D:---------------  -----
A:--4---2---2-4----------      A:---------------  --0--
E:----4---4-----0-0-2-2--      E:--4--4-4-0--2--  -----

Chorus-2x		 		   2x after 1st chorus
D:--2--2-1-------------------------------  ------------
A:---------2-0----0-2--------2-0----0-2--  ------------
E:--------------4-----0--0-2------4------  --4--4-4-0--

Bridge-2x				  1st end  2nd end
G:-----1-----------1-----------1--------  -------  ----------
D:-------4-2-4-------4-2-4-------4-2-4--  -------  ----------
A:--4-----------2-----------0-----------  ----3--  ----2--0--
E:--------------------------------------  -4-----  -4--------

Segue to Chorus		 Optional Bridge Fingering
A:----0-2--  	   	 D:-----6-4---4-----6-4---4-----6-4---4--
E:--4------	  	 A:--4------7-----------7-----------7----

Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus (repeat/fade)

***last chorus, no bass 1st time thru, then segue and join chorus