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Beautiful Sound Tab

Artist: Newsboys
Title:  Beautiful Sound
Copyright 1999 Dawn Treader Music/SESAC/Shepherd's Fold Music/
Campbell Music/BMI/Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing
Album:  Love, Liberty, Disco
Copyright 1999 Sparrow Records
Transcribed by: Glenn Strycker
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Forward by Hallam Drury

I'm trying to put heaps of Christian tabs on here from some of my favorite
songs, so I've got this off another site to put it here for you. 
If you'd like me to tab or find a song for you email me at 


Capo 1st fret (or tune up a half step)

Note: All chords are written as normally played,
so this song will work without retuning or using a capo

Chord:----EADGBD (F,Bb,D#,G#,C,F on this song)
F---------133211 (Bar it 1 fret)

F |---0-----0------|
C |---1-----1------|
F |----------------|
     A7m    C (Strum)

Intro: (First some crazy woob woob sounds...) Riff (2x)

Riff (A7m to C)
Turn the page, can't turn the light out
Every word, every line, carries to my soul
Dark letters on the page, singing so loud
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g                            F
Where did I go wrong, not to hear your...

Eighteen years, I guess it was alright
I let you do the thinking, I'd just bide my time
Father to son, Sunday hand me down

g                            F
Where did I go wrong, not to hear your song

Chorus: (C g d F)
C                g
It's a beautiful sound
g                  d
Moving through the crowd
d                F
Voices lifted up
F                C
On high for you
C                g
It's a beautiful song
g               d
We've only just begun
d  F
To understand
F             A7m (Start Riff)
Rediscovering you

Riff (2x)

Verse 2
To have found you, and still be looking for you
It's "the soul's paradox of love"
You fill my cup, I lift it up for more

I won't stop, now that I'm free
I'll be chasing you, like you chased me


Crazy string thing:
(e Bar chords)
A A B C# D  E   -  Use this if you tuned up
5 5 7 9  10 12  -  Or just count up from your bridge or capo
Chorus once with "ahhhh, ahh, oooh, ooh, ooooh..."

Chorus (3x)

C  g                              d
   Something tells it's alright
   F                      g            C
   You know it's going to be alright