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Dignity Chords

E            G#                    c#
You walk the streets never feel no guilt
You make your money selling guns on the playground
E      G#                          c#
I'm so ashamed cause we're all the same
Killing in the name money is the game now
E                 G#                   c#
And you're buying bombs and we pay the price
Eat your lies and we feed it to the children
Is this what you what
G#                c# 
Is this what you need 
You're gonna kill us all to bring peace

E    G#      c#         A   E
My blood, my soul is my enemy
    G#      c#        A       E
My life, my love is poison to me
  G#         c#           A          E
I know it's not how it's supposed to be
       G#         c#
Got no choice, no voice
A         E
I have no dignity
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E G# c# A

You manipulate
With your bag of tricks
You're playing God with the world on my shoulder
I can't regulate
Cause the worlds at stake
We're so lost that we all think it's over
But I'm the one to blame
For this burning pain
It's eating up the world
And we gonna live it in shame
It's hard to maintain
when it's so insane
It's so, so insane

So kids don't listen to your parents
The parents can't teach us
All they ever left was a world in a mess


E G# c# A x2

E G# c#           A
       We got no control of the state of our minds
E G# c#                     A
       Now I see that all I ever lived was a lie
E G# c#                   A
       We're all duped to believe
                    E                      G#
That there's no way around, there's no way around 
               c#                     A
There's no way around, there's no way around!

Chorus x2
(first time without chords)

E G# c# A