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Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 11:48:04 +0200
From: "Jrgen Bohn" 
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@song name:             see you in hell
@band/artist name:     new model army
@sender name:          Juergen Bohn, Karlsruhe
@album name:           Strange Brotherhood - Demo CD (German Release)
@singer name:           Sullivan
@file type:                Chords & lyrics for guitar.
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See you in Hell / New Model Army (SB Bonus CD)

[Instrumental intro]

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[Verse 1]
         F                 F
It's one touch down on the tarmac
   F                 F
we strolled out, the greenest
    C                     Dm
Was under blue snake skin skies
            F             F
Whith their handshakes of welcome
     F          F
They sit there agenda
           C                           Dm
With their smiles never touching their eyes

[Bridge 1]
      F           F
We've been here before
       F            F
On the edge of the promise
    G                   Am
Surrender is all that remains

          F           G (Am)
But we'll see them in hell 3x
Before then

[Verse 2]
You made me a coward
I can't stand what i've become
What I most of all regret
Is not what i did
But all the things that i've left undone

[Bridge 2]
Like nobody learns
But nothing is changed
You ask me to follow again

But I'll see you in hell 3x
Before then


Yeah I'll see you in hell 3x
Before then

Yeah I'll see you in hell 3x
Long before then

[Instrumental outro]

Juergen Bohn