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                        New Model Army
                                              Words and Lyrics:
                                                Justin Sullivan

Verse 1
D             E    h                G            h
They found us in a courtyard at our table in the shade
D              A        E                    G
We toasted our last few moments and then the end came
D             E             h             G              h
They took us back to the airstrip in that beaten old up car
D                          A        E             G
and we rattled ‘cross the african scrubland in silence
E            G            E           G
Our hands locked together with cold steel cuffs
 E                      G
sometimes I wish it was still that way

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Verse 2:
D        E             h                  G            h
Now a whole world has died since then so many faithless days
D            A        E                  G
I was born alone and lucky, and I’m just use to be that way
D          E            h           G                h
My dice still roll in sixies and yours still turn up ones
D                 A        E            G
And I have taken my good fortune, and I’ve run and run
       E                    G
But I always swore I’d come back for you
           E                 G
Is it too late now to come back for you

Verse 3:
D                  E    h                G         h
Now beneath this lonely junction on the northbound M6
     D         A        E           G
We spray our words of signature on concrete bridge
D                 E       h                G         h
And between the words of wisdom and the slogans of despair
   D           A        E       G
someone just gone an written „I’m sorry“ there
        E                         G
Well I always swore, that I come back fore you
E                    G
Is it too late now to come back for you
           E              G
You’re the only one I’ll ever love

So, you got now the complete song. The picking is just easy, listen to the original
song just a few times and with a little practice you're soon will be able to play as good 
as the great Justin Sullivan (he's my Idol for about twelve years, big singer, simply great!)

Yours Sincerely

Max from West Germany