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From: (Absolutely Nobody)
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Group: new_model_army
Album: thunder and consolation
Some lyrics I couldn't decipher are set off by ?'s. I couldn't figure our 
the synthesizer bridge part which replaces Rhythm 2 towards the end. Bass 
part is staighforward except for the "trilling". Please send me 
corrections or amendments.
Happy Jamming!  =:)  >:P  (:o
Guitar 1 and Lyrics:
Rhythm 1:
E (Eye of Taifun Rhythm and palm muted)
The road of distant thunder breaks.
The afternoon our silence wakes.
They hurry through from ?peat to gate?
as if they know this dance.
Rhythm 2:
   C (Barre chords no muting)
In fury blind I drive at night
C  Ab
across the moors, the open roads 
Ab Am
beneath the freezing starry skies
racing in some trance
(keep repeating Rhy 2)
These cities are illusions of 
some triumph over nature's laws
We've seen the iron carcass rust 
and buildings topple into dust.
And as the waters rise it seems 
we came to overlook these things.
?They crystallize? technology
while spirits scream and sing
Rhythm 3:
(Em and Am are open G and C are barre)
Em / Am / G / C (one chord per repetition)
"Oh God, I love the world!" x8
Rhy 1.
What I never feared was a clever man
but I know enough to understand
that the endless leaps, the forward plans
will someday have to cease.
You blind yourselves with comfort lies
like "lightning never strikes here twice",
and you laugh at your amaze, surprise
as the ark begins to sink.
Rhy 2.
This temple that is built so well
will seperate us from ourselves.
it's a power grown beyond control,
a will without a face.
And watching from outside I wish
that I could wash my hands of this
but we are locked together here,
this bittersweet embrace:
Rhy 3
"Oh God, I love the world!" x8
(Repeat again)
And one day the final fire
explodes across the whitened sky.
I know you've said you'd rather die
and make it over fast.
With courage from your bravest friends
waiting outside for the end
with no bitterness, but an innocence
that I can't seem to grasp,
I know somehow I will survive
this fury just to stay alive
so drunk with sickness, weak with pain,
I can walk the hills again.
?This god is smiling, dying slow
I scream to no one left to toll.?
I told you so! x3
"I love the world!" x5
2nd Guitar (Synthesizers)
Rhythm 1:
Rhythm 2:
Rhytm 3:
Extra part for Guitar 1:
palm muted