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Green And Grey Tab

"Green and grey" 

by New model army
from the album "Thunder and consolation"

Tabbed by Bonjek


"/" = slide
"h" = hammer on
"p" = pull off


play two times:
                                           	   (very fast)

Chords used in the verse:

      Em	Em7/G6		Em/C		Am	Em11	

Chords used in the bridge:

	C	Cmaj7		Bm		Bsus2

1st Verse:

     Em	             Em7/G6
The time I think most clearly

    Em/C           Am   Em11
The time I drift away

          Em            Em7/G6
Is on the busride that meanders

        Em/c                   Am   Em11    (and so on...)
Up these valleys of green and grey

I get to think about what might have been
And what may yet come true
And I get to pass these rainy miles
Thinking of you

[ Tab from: ]
    C             Cmaj7
And all the while, all the while
   Bm             Bsus2
I still hear that call
C                        Cmaj7
From the land of gold and poison
     Bm           Bsus2
That beckons to us all

2nd Verse:

Nothing changes here very much
You used to say it never will
The pubs are all full on friday nights
And things get started still
You spend hours last week with Billy-boy
Bleeding, yeah queueing in casualty
Stare at those posters we used to laugh at
In heaven neverland, palmtrees by the sea


There was no need for these guys to hurt him so bad
When all they had to do was knock him down
But no one asks too many questions, not anymore
Since you left this town

       G                     D
And tomorrow brings another train
         Bm                 C
Another young brave steals away
     G                  D
But you’re the one I remember
            Bm                           C     Cmaj7
From these valleys of the green and the grey

3rd Verse:

You used to talk about winners and losers all the time
As if that was all there was
As if we were not of the same blood family
As if we live by different laws
Do you owe so much less to these rain swept hills
Than you owe to your good self
Is it true that the world has always got to be
Something that seems to happen somewhere else


Oh, for god sake why don’t you realize
That I still hear that call
Do you think you’re so brave to just start running
To that which beckons to us all

And tomorrow...

   After these chorus play an Em for eight times.
   Than go on with this by using the chords of the chorus:

Oooh, not for one second did you look behind you
When you were walking away
Never once did you wish any of us well
Those who had chosen to stay
And if that’s what it takes to make it
In the place where you live today

        G                             D
Then I guess you’ll never read these letters that I’ve sent
          Bm                           C    Cmaj7
From the valleys of the green and the grey
Bm              Am            Em
Valleys of the green and the grey

So, that´s it. I hope you´ll enjoy it.

For any corrections or soething else mail to

tabbed by Bonjek