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From: Juergen Bohn 

Family Life / New Model Army
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1. Verse:
Bm (B2)                 Bm (B2)   <<-- Check it out!!!
How did they do this to you?      <<-- Do as you please!
Bm (B2)                 Bm (B2)   <<-- ...
How did they do this to you?
                Em                          D               C
Were you the weapon that they used as they tore apart the family
           Bm                                        G
Did they bring you here as they were just passing through?
         E                       Bm
Tell me how did they do this to you?

Other Verses: same chords...


In the cities of the far north
The skies are cold and clear
    F#7sus4       E7sus4
The loneliness is aching...
And after all this time
And after all these words
     F'7sus4         F#
Your hands are still shaking...

Help:   F#7sus4 := bar 2nd fret, press A and G string in 4th fret
        E7sus4  := same as above, 2 frets to the left...
        B2      := Bm without the little finger...

This should be working.
Enjoy it!

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