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Through The Storm Chords

Through the Storm - Niall Mitchell (New Generation)

Verse 1:
Am            F                C
Lift up your hands, let out a cry.
     Am                     F             C
We praise you Lord through every day and night.

Verse 2:
Am         F            C       G
    As we step out in faith,
Am              F               C
Lord, let your glory fill this place.

Pre-chorus: (Bridge)
         F                      Am           G         (x?)
Let your light shine through me God, of all things.
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           F          C
Lord your mine, I am yours.
       Am                   G
We're together through the storm.
         F        C          G         (x2)
God you reign on high, forevermore.

Instrumental: (Chorus)
F   C   Am   G   F   C   G

Verse 3:
Am        F              C
    Every debt has been repaid,
Am         F
    By your mercy and your grace.

Verse 4:
Am             F              C       G
    From deep within, my soul sings,
Am           F                   C   G
    A might shout to the King of Kings.

Instrumental: (Chorus)
F   C   Am   G   F   C   G

Verse 1, 
Verse 2, 
Verse 3, 
Verse 4,
Pre-chorus (Bridge)

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