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Absorbation Chords

Here's the wicked new single EXCLUSIVE to Guitar from
indie/rock band New Generation.

F        Em
I owe you nothing
F               G
I didnt already owe
F                Em
And still I know nothing
C            Em
I didnt ever know

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F            A
And now it dawns on me
A#                 C
Am I who I used to be?
F    G#  F#  A#
F    G#   F# A#
F    G#   F#  A#
Free sensation
F    G# F# A#

2. Still I found out
   I'll never ever ever be
   All I've ever
   Landmarks a history

3. Next install
   Never work my life to be
   Has no meaning
   Scolded so I can flee

Copyright- Music- New Generation
         - Lyrics- Joe Hassell