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Every Double Life Chords

Band: The New Amsterdams
Song: Every Double Life
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Tabbed by: Matt Trim

Chords Used
E	- 022100
Em	- 022xxx
Ab	- 4665xx
A	- 5776xx
B	- x244xx

Intro: E

Em                           Ab
These are models of my own design 

       A             Em
Two circles never meeting 

One in 92 and 95 

          A             Em
And it's all been up to me 

Em                         Ab
May not listen to my own advice 

       A            Em
It can be so overwhelming 
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Em                                 Ab
There are strains on every double life 

          A                Em
But you won't hear me complain 

Em         A
Yes it's true 

You knew 

You believed it 

You should just turn 

     B     Em
And walk away 

Took a compliment and photograph 
Committed it to memory 
Model of how not to act 
At least not imitate 

Wouldn't it have been ideal 
If it all fell down from heaven 
How am I supposed to feel 
When I know what you did wrong 

Yes it's true 
You knew 
You believed it 
You should just turn 
And walk away 

Yes it's true 
You knew 
I was leaving 
We're under the same sky line today

End on: E