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Losing It Chords

the other tab i saw for this song was the right chords, but not the right version of the chords. 
the song is capo 5 and the chords(in relation to the capo) are...


 d   (xx0232)
 Bm  (xx0432) 
 g   (xx0433)
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now the order for the verses are as follows, d, a/c#, bm, g

but the order for the chorus is bm, g, d, a/c#

and the little part after the chorus is g, a/c#, bm, d

using the capo and these chords give it that uke sound that you hear in the song. 
also im not sure of the name of the a/c# chord, but the fingering that i gave is correct.

thanks! this song is amazing