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Between Two Worlds Chords

chords are:
A, Amaj7, A7, A7(5th fret) and Amaj7 (2nd fret)
Bm, F(2nd fret), F, E
awesome part:
G, D, A, E
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   A                  Amaj7                                   A7
 I feel fine I feel alright, I feel so good just like I knew I would.
 A7(5thfret)  Amaj7(2ndfret)    A
Here I stand stuck between two worlds, 
                          Amaj7            A7
My closest friends know me as the man I am
  A7(5th)    Amaj7(2nd)          A              Amaj7             A7
 Still, I'm stuck between two worlds, I close my eyes and let it in 
      A7 (5th)      Amaj7(2nd)     A
I can't deny Im stuck between two worlds.
  Bm        F#                F                  E
Its in a dream within in a dream my identity constructing reality
 A            Amaj7                     A7                A75th, Amaj7(2nd)
Please wake up and smell the coffee I poured just for you