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Brooklyn Chords

Neva Dinova - Brooklyn
From the self-titled album.
(My first tab, be gentle)

Chord Progression : C F Am G F

      C                            F    
It's a song I wrote for no one and no one's gonna hear
          Am              G             F
Cause I'd sooner die than sing it, there ain't nobody here
C                                F
Followed her from Brooklyn, from Brooklyn where she ran
         Am               G         F
Breaking hearts, stealing cars, and smoking cigarettes
            C                               F
Well, she's pretty and she's skinny and she hasn't got a clue
            Am             G             F
That I'd be staring at her coffee as the cup begins to cool

C                             F
Seen her on the subway, first time I ever did
     Am                    G         F
So I followed her down the street to her apartment
      C                              F
And I sat there until morning just a staring at the door
    Am              G              F
The air is cool but visions of her hair will keep me warm

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         C                               F
When she left I snuck across and stuck a note inside her box
            Am               G              F
It read "my dear, you are so lovely and I'd really love to talk"
             C                               F
When she got home then she read and said "my god, what do you mean?"
        Am           G           F 
I don't know, I just go where my heart leads me.

         Am    G     F      
Where my heart leads me
              Am    G     F
Ooh, where my heart leads me

        C                             F   
Well, I should'a known something when she called the police
      C                             F
And I should'a known something when she asked me to leave
      Am                  G         F   
But a man just can't give up on the girl he wants to keep

         Am    G     F
Where my heart leads me
              Am    G     F
Ooh, where my heart leads me.


And that's it.
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