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nerina pallot

this is all i could work out, pretty sure its the same for the whole song, ive only 
it in hope that someone out there can work out the chorus.


Eb, Ebsus4, Eb, Ebsus4
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   Eb                    Bbm                     G#
Oh good Lord above, i'm immune to the love of a good man
   Eb                     Bbm                   G#
I go for the suckers, the mean motherfuckers I can't resist.
   Eb                      Bbm                    G#
If I should get bitten. As long as he's smitten I understand
     Eb                            Bbm                     G#
That pain comes with pleaure, such bittersweet treasure cannot be missed.
C               Fm
 So how can you help me now?
C#              Eb
 I can't help myself....

(i'm really REALLY unsure about this, the only bit that sounds right is the first G#...)

             G#             G#/G
I go on and jump, give it a try
             G#/F#                G#/F
Checking the parachute, see if it flies.
      Bb                 ?           ??????
Oh if I should break my neck I never bruise....
I go on and just, give it a try
Don't call the ambulance, i'm still alive
And if I should break my neck i'll make the news.

(as you can see i have absolutely no clue whatsoever!)