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Van Halen Solo Tab

Okay, the solo on the tab for this song is pretty wrong.  The solo at
the end really goes like so...

G--4--7--12-- x4

G--4--7--11-- x4

G--4--8--11-- x4

G--5--9--12-- x4 , the whole thing is done twice.
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The \"two hand tapping guitar technique\" is used to play this, cuz it\'s 
fast!  Basically, all you gotta do is use your left first finger and
pinky to hit the 4 and 7 (later the 4 & 8 and the 5 & 9), and tap the 
12s and 11s with the first finger on your right hand.  I pluck the 
string with my right first finger to get the 4 & 7 out, but I suppose
you could tap those too.  I just find plucking easier, but the 12s and 
11s need to be tapped with the right hand finger.  Now you can play 
the song right, Yay.