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Feeling Bad Chords

Nerf Herder - Feeling Bad
Tabbed By: Daniel Taylor

Intro:  C5  D5

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G5             D5 
Met a girl, at the movies 
B5                           C5 
She was so beautiful, she was the one for me 
G5                      D5 
So I asked her if I could call her at home 
B5                               C5 
She said no thanks just, give me my popcorn 
G5                     D5 
So I followed her into the theatre 
B5                                   C5 
And found a seat that was right behind her 
G5                     D5 
Smelled her hair, smelled her sweater 
B5                               C5 
And then I touched myself 

G5 G5 D5 B5 
C5 G5 D5 B5 
C5 G5 D5 B5 
C5 G5 D5 B5 

After second verse 

G5               D5     B5                                    C5 
We were in Paris, we were up in the Eiffel Tower etc.