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Ps I Love You Chords

I fell in love with this song after watching the movie P.S. I Love You and I haven't 
able to find chords or tabs ANYWHERE!

This is my very first posting Ė this song is actually played on an ukulele, and since I 
have one I had to do my best to convert it to guitar. Feel free to make substitutions if 
think Iíve got it wrong!!

I donít know a whole heck of a lot about musical theory but Iím pretty sure the timing 
3/4, like a waltz would be. Also I cut as many barre chords as possible to make it as 
as I could. Enjoy!!

The Strumming Pattern is:

D D U   D D U   D D U   D D U
1+2+3   1+2+3   1+2+3   1+2+3

-Verse 1-

C                          Em7      A7
Dear, I thought I'd drop a line;
Dm7           G7            Em7       A7
The weather's cool,    the folks are fine;

D7                       G7
I'm in bed each night by nine --

C D7  D7sus4  G7
P.S. I love you.

-Verse 2-
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C                      Em7    A7
Yesterday we had some rain,

Dm7        G7      Em7         A7
But all in all,    I can't complain.

D7                   G7
Was it dusty on the train?

C Bb9  D7sus4  C
P. S. I love you.

Intro to Bridge: C (1 measure) C7 (a measure)


Write to the Browns just as soon as you're able;

FM7                 F6
They came around to call.

D7         Am7         D7                 Bm7
I burned a hole on the dining room table,

           A7      D7              G7
And let me see  -  I guess that's all.

-Verse 3-

C                      Em7   A7
Nothing left to tell you dear,

Dm7         G7      Em7          A7
Except each day,    seems like a year.

D7                   G6       Fm
Ev'rybody's thinking of you

C Fm  Fdim  C9  C
P.S.   I   love you