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From: Christopher Carl Heckman 
Subject: TAB: Nektar: Astral Man
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 1996 23:38:18 -0400

"Astral Man" from Nektar's album _Down To Earth_
Written by Nektar, tabbed by Christopher C Heckman.
This is a personal interpretation of that song and is in no way are
with the actual music, other than the fact that it may bear a striking 
resemblence (at some future point) to the contents of these files.
Also, all songs are for private study alone; making money off of them
would violate various copyright laws.

The transcript is a bass transcript, witch outlines the chords as well.
aren't any tricky guitar parts here.) The main bassline is in several

Part 1: (guitar tacet)
   (Am)                          (Dm)
Part 2: (guitar plays
    Dm C  Am    Dm C  Am    Dm C  Am    Dm C  Em          Am

Part 3: (guitar arpeggiates the open chord-forms)
     Am             Em

For each verse, play Part 1 twice, Part 2, and Part 3.
And the parts go with the lyrics as follows:
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Intro: Part 1 (2x) Part 2 (Up to Em)

Part 1   (He's) back in town, with the biggest show around,
Part 1   Strike up the band, it's time for Astral Man.  

            Dm         C        Am               Dm        C      Am
Part 2   To know where he'll be landing from his tightrope in the sky,

            Dm      C       Am       Dm    C    Em              Am
(Part 2) To know if he will make it, close your eyes, watch and learn,

                        Em                   Am              Em
Part 3   (Astral Man), (turning) in relation to the ground, (learning)

                         Am              Em                   Am
(Part 3) Please remember what you see (returning) to get back down to

Part 1   Astral Man, our race for his _____ands,
Part 1   Thrill's own band, his antics know no bounds.

            Dm        C        Am           Dm        C      Am
Part 2   To know what he'll be doing on his tightrope in the sky,

            Dm          C      Am        Dm    C    Em              Am
(Part 2) He thrills the little children, close your eyes, watch and
learn ...

(Repeat the chorus, of course. The third verse skips the chorus, and
directly on Am.)

Part 1   Astral Man, acknowledges the plans,
Part 1   People clap but they appreciate his _____ands.

            Dm     C        Am         Dm         C      Am
Part 2   He bows toward the people and leaves the ring behind,

         Dm     C      Am    Dm C    Em             Am
(Part 2) Hoping he has given money's worth, down to Earth.

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Extra note: some of the lyrics are iffy; I would appreciate any


Christopher Heckman,

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