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Roger And Out Chords

Trippin' down that old Hippie Highway
Got to thinkin' 'bout you again
Wonderin' how it really was for you
And how it happened in the end
But I guess I'll never know the truth
If you were really all alone

We were just a couple of kids then
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F#       C#         B
Livin' each and every day
F#       C#         B
When we both went down to register
F#       C#         B
We were laughin' all the way
F#       C#         B
That's when we named it Hippie Highway
F#       C#         B
I still call it that today

The rest of the song follows this pattern.  There is a bridge, but it is hard to tell 
it is.  It sounds like B,C#, F#, F, E, but I'm not sure.