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Music Arcade Chords

"Music Arcade", the seventh track from Neil Young and Crazy Horse's new album, 
Broken Arrow.  It's a simple tune but here goes.

Intro: C  G  D  Em

Have you ever been lost?
Have you ever been found out?
Have you ever felt all alone
at the end of the day?
Yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout gettin' down
Take it easy, there's no one around
Just a mirror and you and me
And the TV screen

[ Tab from: ]
I was walkin' down Main Street
Not the sidewalk, but Main Street
Dodgin' traffic with flyin' feet
That's how good I felt
Took a spin in the laundromat
Played a game in the music arcade
Kept winnin' while the band played
That's how good I felt


Have you ever been singled out
By a hungry man?
You're listenin' to the radio
He's washin' your window
When you look into those vacant eyes
How do you harmonize
With the things that you do


There's a comet in the sky tonight
Makes me feel like I'm alright
I've been movin' pretty fast
For my size
I really didn't mean to stay
As long as I have
So I'll be movin' on

end on: Em  Em7

There ya go: enjoy.