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Make It Work Chords

                              MAKE IT WORK - Ne-Yo
First Submitted: July 30th 2010

Tabbed by: Wayne S
Tuning: Standard EADGBE

Capo: 3


F: 133211
G: 320033 or 355433
Em: 022000
Am: 002210 (only used in Intro)
(x) = mute/pause

Chords (for no capo):

G#: 466544
A#: 688766
Gm: 355333

Don't have the intro for no capo just yet but I will add it in if there are enough 
requests for it.

And I can't believe this song doesn't have any chords posted for it or any 
extensive, more detailed listing!

Please leave any comments/ratings/corrections/suggestions.



The fill can go after every bar (cycle) of F, G, Em, F. Just tried it and it sounds pretty cool!


              F          G     G       Em    Em      F     F G Am F F


  Am G G    G       Em    Em      F


[After listening to the song a little more carefully, sounds like you could almost 
play the intro throughout the whole song and it would still sound right. Test it 

[Verse 1]:
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F                 G
You understand me at least you say you do
Em                       F
Lately that's enough for me
F                      G
Looking for perfect surrounded by artificial
           Em                      F
You're the closest thing to real I see
                        F                  G
Sure everyone has their problems, that's a given
              Em             F
Yours are the easiest to tolerate
                           F                  G
This wasn't what we we was wanting, how we're living
                    Em                         F
But let's take this good enough and turn it to great, baby understand


F                           G
This can only be as good as we both make it
Em                        F
Yes, sometimes it's gonna hurt
(Yes, sometimes it's gonna hurt)
F                        G
We can be as happy as we want to be, girl
Em                   F
But we gotta make it work

                 F                 G
We gotta make it work, ay oh ay oh oh         x2
                 Em                F
We gotta make it work, ay oh ay oh oh

[Verse 2]:

F                    G
Sometimes I love you more than you'll ever know
Em                        F
Other times you get on my nerves
     F                    G
Hey, that's just reality, no, it can't always be
Em                         F
Kisses, hugs and beautiful words
                    F                     G
You was looking for your prince, what you found
     Em                   F
Is a pauper with potential
                         F                G
And no, I'm nowhere near perfect but I'm around
               Em                   F
Girl, time and patience is essential, baby realize

[Repeat Chorus]

F                G
  Thick and thin
           Em                  F
The bad outweighs the good sometimes
             F                                 G
That doesn't mean we're supposed to give it up
                Em                  F
My problems are yours and yours are mine

[Repeat Chorus]