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Only One Winner Chords

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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:49:40 -0500
From: Andrew Rogers 
Subject: ./n/nazz/only_one_winner.crd

An outtake from _Nazz Nazz_, not released until _Nazz III_ two years later.
One of the first examples (cf. 'Old Time Lovemaking', also on _Nazz III_)
of Laura Nyro's influence on Todd Rundgren.

                           "Only One Winner"
                            (Todd Rundgren)


	Fmaj7  Em7    Dm7   Em7
	  /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /
	Fmaj7  Em7    Dm7    G7
	  /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /

Verse 1:

	         Em7/G  Fmaj7/G   Em7/G   Fmaj7/G 
	There is only one winner  (only one winner)
	         Em7/G    Fmaj7/G
	There is only one prize
	        Bb/D Am/C  G7        Fmaj7/G   Em7/G   Fmaj7/G
	Whoever gets your heart is the winner  (only one winner)
	                  D6                        C
	I'm at war with a man that I still haven't seen
	      Fmaj7/C Em7/B  G7       Fmaj7/C  Em7/B G7
	It's a fight   for  life, if I lose you I'll die
	Fmaj7      Em7         Dm7         [1: G7  2, 3: C]
	Somebody's got to lose you and that's why

Verse 2:

	There is only one winner
	There is no second place
	I only know I must be the winner
	There is nothing to lose but the sight of your face
	I can't stay around if I know you're not mine
	Somebody's gonna be lost in your mind
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Bridge 1:
	          Bbmaj9  C  Bbmaj9  C
	There's a line
	       Bbmaj9            C      Bbmaj9   C
	I don't want to have to follow behind
	     Abmaj9/Eb Bb/D  Abmaj9/C Bb/D     Em7/B       A7/C#
	And I  just    can't   see  myself not hugging you
	Dm7         G7
	Loving you

Verse 3:

	There is only one winner
	You're the one to decide
	You've got to tell me who is the winner
	Tell me who gets the broken heart, who gets the bride
	Not a thing I can do - it depends upon you
	But nobody wants to win more than I do

Bridge 2:
	       Bbmaj9  C  Bbmaj9  C
	I can't lie
	           Bbmaj9        C         Bbmaj9   C
	And I'll do anything to show you my side
	        Am7  D6         Am7  D6
	I won't lie, no I won't lie
	        Am7          D6            Am7    D6 
	I'll do anything to bring you over to my side
	          Bb/C            Ab/Bb
	Take your time, take your time
	      Gbmaj7/Ab Ebmaj7 Bbmaj7
	If you   want     all    my
	 Am  G    F 
	Time is yours
	 Am  G    F 
	Time is yours
	 Am  Gm7/C Fmaj7  Em7
	Time  is   yours  to


	Em7/G     Fmaj7/G     Em7/G     Fmaj7/G
	Make me the winner   (make me the winner)
	Em7/G     Fmaj7/G   Gm7       Am7/G Bbmaj7/G
	Make me the winner, make me the  winner

[repeat to fade:]


	 v   v   v   v    

	 Gm7/D     Am7/E Bbmaj7/D   Gm7/D     Am7/E Bbmaj7/D
	(Make me the  winner)       Make me the  winner

-- another ace 60's tab (OK, it wasn't released until '71) from Andrew Rogers