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Janet Tab

Verse 1:
          F#                D    E
You wear the same clothes, everyday,
          F#                D    E
I have to tell you, your son's a gay,
          F#       D      G
Your husband, hes had an affair,
          F#             D         E
Youd never leave him, you wouldnt dare
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  A                   E
Youre on a different planet
  G                   C  
Youre on a different planet
  G                   Em
Youre on a different planet

Verse 2:
          F#                  D        E 
I cant believe we saw you feedin the ducks, 
     F#           D  E
With your son of 16 yrs,
     F#          D    E 
Surely hes past that stage,
     F#                D    E
He should be out with his peers

Chourus x 2