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Ballard Of Pete Chords

Ballard of Pete

Tabbed by Blue Indian
Capo on 5th fret
All chords to correspond with Cspo

C G Am E7 E7sus7 x2

C	         G
I sitting on a trampoline
Am 	       E7      E7sus7
Covered in vaseline
C		      G
Downing a pint of kerosene
Am 		      E7        E7sus7
Off my face like a libertine
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F#5                          F5           
I got kicked out of my own band
F#5                        F5
Listen to me and you'll understand
A5                         F#5
Why Things will never change
A5		   F#7
And I'm the one who's deranged

2nd Verse
Now I’m in a Black Cab
All the way to rehab
All I’ve gots a survival bag
And an Electronic Tag