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Ophelia Chords

hokai, so ... this is my first submission, so ... having said that, be gentle. ^_^ 
This is a simple, beautiful and dramatic song. Enjoy!

By Natalie Merchant
from the album, "Ophelia"


(I like to capo on the first fret, and I use a basic finger-picking pattern, 
except during the end, which builds.)

Am                            F
Ophelia was a bride of God, a novice Carmellite
C                                  G
in sister cells the cloister bells tolled on her wedding night
Am                                   F
And Ophelia was a rebel girl, a blue stockinged suffragette
    C                  G
who remedied society between her cigarettes

Am                            F
Ophelia was a sweetheart to a nation overnight
   C                                G 
Curvacious thighs, vivacious eyes--love was at first sight
         Am              F C G
Love was at first sight

Am                                   F
Ophelia was a demi-goddess in pre-war babylon
    C                          G
so statuesque, a silhouette in black satin evening gown
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Am                              F
And Ophelia was a mistress to a Vegas gambling man
   C                          G
Signora Ophelia, Maraschina, Mafia Courtesan

Am                                   F
And Ophelia was a circus queen, the female cannonball
    C                                    G
Projected through five flaming hoops to wild and shocked applause,
              Am             F                C                    G
to wild and shocked applause            Hey, hey .... heeeeey hey hey

(played louder, dramatically and with feeling)

Am                                F
Ophelia was a tempest cyclone, a G*d-damned hurricane
       C                                  G
Your common sense, your best defense lay wasted and in vain
Am                                         F
For Ophelia knows your every woe and every pain you've ever had
       C                                G
She'd sympathize and dry your eyes and help you to forget 
              Am           F
and help you to forget ...
              C            G
and help you to forget ...

(quietly and slowly)

Am                                    F
Ophelia's mind went wondering, you'd wondered where she'd gone
C                                      G
Through secret doors, down corridors, she's wandered them all alone
Am                                   F C G
All alone ...