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Date: Sun, 7 Jul 1996 15:09:19 -0400
Subject: tab: Jealousy /  Natalie Merchant

From: Richard
Subject: Crd. for "Jealousy" by Natalie Merchant
from the album Tigerlily

 	G        F             C    C/D
	O,                jealousy
	G        F             C    C/D
	O,                jealousy
[ Tab from: ]
	               F                         C
	is   she   fine   so  well   bred
 	               F                                  C
	the   perfect   girl   a    social   deb?
	                        F                                        C
	is    she   the   sort    you've  always    thought
	              Dm                                   C
	could   make   you   what   your   not?
	                  F                         C
	is   she   bright   so   well   read
	                       F                        C
	are   there   novels   by   her   bed?
	                        F                                 C
	is  she   the   sort   you've   always   said
	                Dm                 C
	could   satisfy   your   head?

	                     F                         C
	does   she   talk   the   way   I  do
	                    F                       C
	is   her   voice   reminding   you
	                   F                                                 C
	of   the   promises    the   little   white   lies   too
	        Dm                        C
	sometimes,    tell   me while   she's touching
	 F                          C
	you    just   by   mistake
	     Dm                                               C
	accidentally   do   you   say    my    name?

Thanks to Natalie Merchant for a great album and Jennifer Turner for some of
the best guitar work around.