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Nappy RootsPo' FolksI've seen several people looking for the guitar riff that's repeated through the tune. Seems to me the tune is in the key of B. The riff starts with the F#m7, down to the E, to Bm (or maybe Bm7).F#m7			E					Bm7		---9--			--x--						--7--		--10--			--9--						--7--		---9--			--9--						--7--		--11--			--9--						--7--		---9--			--x--						--9--		---x--			--x--						--7--		The riff from the E to the Bm7 is something like this:-----------------------	--------------------------7----9----7---------7---------------------9--------9------------------------	-------------------------the 7-to-9-to-7 on the G string is a quick hammer-on and pull-off.
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