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Lion Chords

Les accords sont un peu mis en vrac mais faut la faire en écoutant la musique, 
toutes les positions des doigts y sont. C'est juste la rythmique qui est a trouver.

Capo en 4

Dsus4: 000233
D/Dno3: 000235
C: 032010
C6: 032015
Em/5+: 032013
D5: 000230
A#: 113331
D: 000232
A: 002220

h=hammer on




D                 Dsus4
 I cut the grass
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 D/Dno3  D  Dsus4  C  C6   C  Em/5+  C  G   Intro
In all the place in my soul

I found a path

To the happiest way of all


Dm               D5  D
What esle could I do

Exept beginning to be

Just come out of the blue

And wake up the lion in me

Dm                D5
Maybe I will need you

Your eys will make me see

G                                    A#           A
The choice is up to you to come with me.