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Bb            F  
Loneliness is nothin' new
Bb                    D#
I've lived with it my whole life through
   Bb                 F               Bb     F  
So look out gloom I'm makin' room for happy, happy

Through with walkin' sadness street
I'm dancin' on these smilin' feet
Oh, blues be gone I'm turnin' on with happy, happy
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Middle 8:
G#                                Bb
And should he need me, well, I'll be right there,
I don't care, anywhere
G#                             Bb
And should he want me I'll say this is it, the lamp is lit
Here we go, here we go

Up to where our minds are free
And ev'ryday's philosophy
Says life is wild be like a child called happy, happy

Middle 8 + Verse 3

by: Josť Duarte