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Big Red Balloon Chords

Big Red Balloon

Intro: A
Sometimes a man and a woman spend 30 or 40 years together
and they don't belong together
And then one day one of them tries to leave and does
but in a most peculiar way

A                     G        D                  A
One of these days I'm leaving, leaving you fool behind.
A                         G               D             A
And on that day you'll be weeping, little woman I don't mind.
	                  G               D                A
Look out in the backyard, mama, cause I'm leaving you real soon.
                   G      D             A
Gonna fly me up to heaven in my big red balloon.
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A                    G         D                      A
You're noting but an old fool, that's all you'll ever be.
                      G         D                          A
You're nothing but an old fool, you know you'll never beat me.
                   G       D                    A
So stop your silly playing it's time you settle down.
                     G       D                                        A
And hear me when I'm saying: You'll never get that damn thing off the ground.

Oh, woman, are you looking cause I'm almost 10 feet high, high, high
Woman stop your cooking cause I'll never eat that pie.
I'm on my way to heaven might even touch the moon.
We've needed by my leaving in my big red balloon.

You're noting but an old fool..

You never gave me nothing, you never were the kind.
You never gave me children, you never had the time.
Remember me to one, I was born this afternoon.
I've got it all together in my big red balloon
You're noting but an old fool...

by: Josť Duarte