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Arkansas Coal Suite Chords

Arkansas Coal (Suite)

Not so long ago just outside Paris Arkansas
a young lady had a mountain to climb

Gonna climb up this mountain cause thereís one thing I know
My daddy is in his mountain diggin' Arkansas coal
Yes I hear my mama calling, I let her wait ten minutes more sheíll be so
Cause I like to lay on the ground and listen to the sound of my daddy
Digging Arkansas coal

G          C7               G                         D
I was born in this mountain went down here since I was nine years old
      G                              C7       G        D
And I know some day Iíll die in this mountain diggin', diggin' 
G         Bb       G
Arkansas, Arkansas coal, Arkansas coal

C7  F7  C7  F7
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C7           F7       C7        F7
Married me a good man back in í59, 
C7             F7                 C7                 F7
Knew he was an Arkansas coalminer and that suited me fine 
C7              F7        C7                     F7
Got us a little daughter, she's only eight years old
C7                F7                 C7       F7      C7
Wishing she was a man like her daddy diggin' Arkansas coal

Billie get off that mountain, Billie you got to go to school
Billie your mama and daddy ainít gonna raise you no natural fool
Ainít gonna raise you no natural fool

Am                    Em       Am                       Em  
Mama why is the earth shaking? Mama is the world coming to an end?
Am               Em      Dm                 Am
Mama why are you crying? Is it another cave in?

A                    E        A                       E
My God the rocks are fallin', ten thousand tons on my head
A                         E         A                          E
I knew someday this would happen so this is how it feels to be dead
   A                          E         
So this is how it feels to be dead
Gonna climb up that mountain cause there is one thing I know
My daddy is in that mountain diggin' Arkansas coal

by: Josť Duarte