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100 Years Chords

100 Years

Intro: F  C   G

G             Dm       G        Dm 
I'm not gonna say everything is OK 
      G             Dm         G
Cause OK is not the way that I feel. 
    C         Bb     C                Bb
I'm not gonna be any fool's Christmas tree 
C                     Bb             A
Let 'em hang gifts on me that aren't real 
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A             Em          A   
I'm not gonna take second best 
            Em          A   
I've got no use for the rest. 
                 Em          A   
World you better hear what I say 
          F                  G  F   C      G
Cause for me true love could be 100 years away. 

I'm not givin' in to a smile or a grin 
On a face I might never see again. 
I'm not gonna fly in some big phoney sky 
On a life that I know just can't win. 

Chorus +: And if it is, I'll wait

by: Josť Duarte