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The New Girl Chords

The new girl
(Elise Hauge/Lars Gunnar Eggen)

 Amaj7                              Dm      G
Why didn't you tell me about that new girl
 Amaj7                              Dm      G
She came and kissed you, took your hand
 Amaj7                     Dm      G
I didn't want her to take my world
 Dm          G
But still a smile I to her sent
 Dm              G
A look like she was my friend 

Now I cry
 C      C/Am    Am
Lonely in my bed
Missing you
I can see you in my head 

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 Amaj7                   Dm             G
It's six months ago, my eyes are still black and wet
 Amaj7                 Dm      G
Now I'm angry, mad at myself
 Amaj7                       Dm      G
I'm thinking about that one you met
 Dm              G
Do you love her like you loved me
 Dm                 G
I hope not but I'm wondering 


C G Am                  Em
       Will I meet you again some day
 Am                    C G Am                       Em
Maybe we could have a new start, a fresh and happy heart