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Raining On The Sky Chords

From: Misfit 
Subject: tab: rainin on the sky by naked

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                       RAINING ON THE SKY
                          by  NAKED
             Tabbed by Jason Kessler(

  Tab requests taken and found at

  C        Am       F        G


    C                        Am
  When the night falls...on metropolis
       F                 G
  Neon Dissonance....Warm Lipstick
           C                    Am
  When the Moon Shines....on the playground
         F               G
  I will find the tinsletown
[ Tab from: ]
  C                     Am
  Moving shadows in the shape of what you want to see
  F                      G
  Painted fingers and the aromatic Jean Nate'
  C                                 Am
  And when they are spinning you can see them do the strangest things
  F                       G
  Building bridges on the slivers of anothers dream

   G             Am                F
   Anything you want..I'll give it to you....I will
   G             Am               F
   Whatever the cost I'll get it for you.....I will

   C               Am           F              G
   Lets go raining on the sky...blow a kiss and wave goodbye
   C               Am           F              G
   Lets go raining on the sky..just one kiss..seals the tie

   thats all the guitar parts

   rest of lyrics:

   Riding home she falls asleep inside a checkered cab
   in a dream she comes across Alice in Wonderland
   The Maddest Hatter surely had her in the recent past
   and she hears him saying, "Honey you are home at last"

   He'll be waiting can start again
   Rhinestone darling...know your taken
   You'll have a lot of laughs and Cadilacs and bubble baths
   just say the word and he'll forget about your past

   whatever you want..I'll do it to you...I will
   whatever the thought..I'll do it for you..I will

   When your heart Aches...with horizon
   Caked Eyelash..torn nylon
   When the light breaks through..and frightens you
   you'll hear the cry to come raining on the sky..