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Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 11:23:50 -0500
From: Misfit 
Subject: tab: Manns Chinease by Naked

                              MANNS CHINEASE
                                 By  NAKED
                  tabbed by Jason Kessler(
                 tabs found at

  Emsus2 Dsus2   Csus2   Emsus2


   to make the next part easier..we are just gonna call the
   suspended chords above by their root names...Em D and C

Em     D    C   D
  Gilded Ghetto
Em     D            C     D
  Hollywood Stained Below
Em           D        C    D
  Bout every Street I know
Em            D          C    D
  About some girls from Tokyo
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Em         D               C     D
  I cant believe they even care
Em          D                        C           D
  so crowd around and put your hands down there
Em           D         C         D
  He's been dead almost 30 years
 Em                   D           C           D
  thinkin No I dont belong here...No I dont belong here

Em            D                    C
  Never Gonna Bend no Never gonna break
  Everybody fronts everybody fakes
Em             D                    C
  Never gonna stop no never gonna stay
                    Em      D    C      D        Em      D    C    D
  here at the Manns Chinease.....oh oh......Manns Chinease

  Used to live right near
  they built a bar called the new fronteir
  with chatruese drinks and atmosphere
  they closed it up the very same year

  Then Batman II premiered
  you could smell the riots in the air
  all the natives sittinf...sipping beer
  their thinking No I dont belong here..No I dont belong here

  Never gonna bend never Gonna break
  Everybody fronts everybody fakes
  Never Gonna Stop no never gonna stay
  Everybody watch everybody wave
  Boulevard of dreams everything it seems
  Shine and you believe
  Gotta get away no never gonna stay
  Here at the Manns Chinease

  Fredericks burned down
  there were mourners all around
  Fear swept through the theatre crowd
  No I dont belong here..No I dont belong here