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So Sad Chords

So Sad
-The Nadas

Verse-  E F#m A B 
Chorus- A B E A

Young boy, too young to know what love is or so it seams
It's real to him, he feels it flowing through everything
She's got black hair, dark eyes that cast a shadow across a well-lit room
She feels it too, but moves to Colorado before their love can bloom but
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I caught your eye from across the room
You looked the other way
So sad to see you finally go
You turn to me and say, you've pushed me away

She walked in ten feet behind him, what does that say
Head turn with smiles just to see her, see how she walks that way
With her red hair, pale skin, puedo ver su bella under her sweet perfume
Midnight strikes hard, she's gone like Cinderella there's nothing I can do but

You pushed me away

Young boy too young to know what love is