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Beauty And Madness Chords

SONG: beauty and madness
ARTIST: mymp
CHORDS BY: Dj_rhalds1185                          

intro: (strumming version) 
A/C# D A Bm E Esus E

A           D
Over there, just beneath the moon
           A         Bm        E Esus E
There's a man with a burden to keep
      A                D                          
And sleep will fall, wash outs rags and paperbags
A         Bm            E Esus E
Homes and lives passing by.
[ Tab from: ]
D                               E Esus E
Who will see the beauty in your life
D               A        Bm       E      A F#m
And who will be there to hear you when you call
D                                E Esus E
Who will see the madness in your life
G                    D/F#      A       D A D Bm E Esus E
Who will be there to catch you if you fall

    A          D                                           A
Now dreams run wild, as lovers find their way through the night
      Bm          E Esus E
Not a care in the world
    A    D             A                D              A     
And over there, oh the twinkling of the lights harbour lights
    Bm                 E Esus E
Say goodnight one more time

Repeat Chorus


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