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A Little Bit Tab


"A little bit" performed by M.Y.M.P 

Tabbed by: Walter Michael De la Cruz (

Notes:    MYMP is the best acoustic group today. So, i like them, i like their songs.Wala pang nakaka tab nito.kaya ako n lng
          all i can say is the tab of this song is correct..
          I've jaz listen over and over the songs.then i got the chords.coz it is always plays in K-lite Baguio.Klite is the Best.K-lite Rulz
          this tab is absolutely 100% correct...jaz get ur guitar now and u may start plucking...

        AM7 EM7 G#m  C#m   Bm   E5 DM7          
E       -0---0---4----4---------0---5-----------------
B       -2---9---4----5---------0---7-----------------
G       -1---8---4----6---------9---6-----------------
D       -2---9---6----6----9----9---7-----------------
A       -0---7---6----4----9----7---5-----------------
E       -0-------4---------7--------------------------

Intro: DM7-C#m-Bm-AM7

       AM7      tap          tap
i was kinda hesitant to tell you

         EM7   tap     tap 
should  i let  you    know? 

       AM7    tap              tap
i was never really like this before 
[ Tab from: ]
       G#m            Bm-E5
need    i     say     more? 

      AM7   tap              tap     EM7   tap
* or maybe i'm confused when you are near me 

   AM7       tap        tap     G#m   Bm-E5
i don't know what to do or i should be 

        AM7                G#m-C#m
there's only one thing in my mind 

       DM7          C#m
that's you and me.. 


       AM7   tap      tap
i'm a little bit of crazy 

      G#m    tap       tap
i'm a little bit of a fool

       AM7   tap       tap 
i'm a little bit of lonely

       G#m          Bm-E5 
i'm a little bit of all 

       AM7    tap
oh, i need a cure
        G#m          C#m
just a little bit of you

           DM7     C#m
and i will fall.. 

(The same as the above)

i'm always on the run to see you 
would you allow me to? 
it wasn't my intention to hurt you 
this feeling is true 

(Repeat Chorus)

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