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Same In Any Language Tab

Same in Any Language
Written by INine performed by My Morning Jacket

Intro / (FILL 1)                     G      C/G

Verse 1
G                     C/G (Fill 1)
Some time ago I met a Navajo
G                     C/G (Fill 2)
In a parking lot in Tokyo
D                        C (Fill 3)
He said everything wordlessly,
D                                  C (Fill 4)
But the wanderlust in my eyes he did see
G      C/G (Fill 1)
Oh yeah
G      C/G
Oh oh yea

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Fill 2

Fill 3

Fill 4 (Strumming)

Those post cards I sent to Birmingham
All the way from Amsterdam
I copped a gram from Dappersan
Just a four letter man in another jam
Oh yeah
Oh oh yea

Am                         C
Its the same in any language
Am                        C
A brother is a brother if there’s one thing I know
D                         C
Its the same in any language
              G (Fill 1)
Wherever you go

I ran out of Jack in Tripoli
Those freedom fighters sure were good to me
They asked me all about Tennessee
And on one thing we all did agree
Oh yeah
Oh oh yeah