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One Big Holiday Chords

I'm sorry but the other tab for this song is horrible. Couldn't help but to post the 
notes/chords. this is a good chunk of the song, not to hard to figure out whats missing

    4 times      4 times         4 times

F     G      Am

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c               F	  Em
wakin up feelin good and limber
when the telephone it ring
c               F              Em
was a bad man from California
tellin of a stone he'd bring

Em Dm G

c      G      Am
and of better days
c            G          Am
from this town, we'd escape
c             G               Am
if we holler loud and make our way
c             G            Am
we'd all live one big holiday
c                 F             Em
so we listened and up the river
and recorded all the sounds
c                       F              Em
was some shakin and some record playin
                          Dm         Em            Dm     G          E             D
all the leather kids were loooooooooooooood

this is a great song to do improv solos to, try it out.