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By My Car Chords

By My Car
Capo on 3rd Fret

Chords are relative to capo

Transcribed by Geoff Gardner, This is my work.

G       G C   C
You said  Evan is coming

D  C  G    G
Ov-er Again

G     G      C   C
I said if he does

     D  C                     G      G
I'll ki-ck his, I'll kick his head in

     G                     G
I've known you for years I know all your moves

  C                          C
I just can't believe that it caved in this soon
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        D                  C                G          G
And I'm playin it over and over again in my head

G        G
You said...
                         G     G my head

           C      D             G    C
Oh but Los Angelas   Ain't that far

           C                             D              G    C
All of the rest of the girls said they'd be there By my car

      G  C       G  C       G   C
By My Car, By my Car, By My Car

Oh But Los Angelas...

......................By my car