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My Friend Steve-All in All (Hope & Wait)
Transcribed by Mattdabb

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This is one of the most popular songs from the album.

G      330023
Dsus   33200x
Csus2  33003x
Cadd9  33023x

Cappo in 2

Intro: G Dsus Csus2 Cadd9


     G                  Dsus    
Hey Victoria, do you still hide my letters
             Csus2                 Cadd9
under the mattress you lay on with him?
       G              Dsus
Do you even remember putting them there?
Csus2            Cadd9
I'd say probably not

          G          Dsus            Csus2         Cadd9
But I'm here and I'm writing by the light of a candle,
   G       Dsus                 Csus2     Cadd9
that I once used when I'd write you.

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    G            Csus2
Oh Victoria, the girl in the flowered dress
                  Cadd9                         Dsus
it seems you've forgotten, is this some kind of test?
         G          Csus2
And it's all that I hope I'm doing well 
and on the 4th of july I'll sit and cry...
  Dsus(let ring)                                  G    Dsus Csus2 Cadd9 and mr wonderful can have the time of your life


     G                Dsus               
Oh Victoria, did you have a good time in France?
           Csus2                          Cadd9
hey don't worry nothings gonna change you said.
             G                  Dsus
Words in the wind, well they certainly do come easy,
       Csus2                                       Cadd9
eight months now I've been waiting for you to come around
            G               Dsus      Csus2       Cadd9
Beating my head against the wall- you never believed me
 G             Dsus       Csus2       Cadd9
Why would you worry? Why would you worry?


       G                   Dsus
All in all, I'd just say thank you,
      Csus2                  Cadd9
you showed me a life I never knew
       G                        Dsus
All in all, I'd still say I love you 
       Csus2         Cadd9             G  Dsus Csus2 Cadd9
All in all hey I surrender     All in All....