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Say So Chords

I believe these are right..i may be missing one chord somewhere, but i think this 
is accurate for the most part. this isnt in order with the chorus and bridge ect. 
so just follow the song

It's like we're standing outside while they're looking out the window
Picking up pace, losing control of all the things we are, all the 
things we know, it's like... It's like I just couldn't care less, but 
I'm wrapped around her finger Started placing all my bets the day that 
	E	D					A
we met And staying up to late, the way you make me wait, it's like... 

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F#m                   E	  A			  D
Don't you know if you go You'll go without me Don't you leave me as if 
			F#m                    E              
you never cared at all If you go, don't go, go without me Don't you 
	A    D  E                 A        D E
need me?  So say,hey hey you are my everything Just say, I'm hanging onto 
       F#m               D                  E            A
every word that you said A part of me will never be the same 

It's like 
she takes me up to ten, but she leaves me at eleven Now you're telling 
              		        E	D
all your friends everything you intend All the things you do, I love 
the way you move, it's like... She wears that little black dress, 
always simple, but it's sexy I need you in your best so I won't forget 
E	D			 A
All the way, say that you love me, gotta hear you say it  


D	E		A
Say so just say so, say so. Say so just say so, say so 
D                       A     			    E         
light up ahead at the end of the road When I look in your eyes, girl, 
   F#m			D
it feels like I'm home I need this night, yes it's late, but the 
A	          E		D					A
morning will come..As you fall fast asleep with your head on my chest I 
		E	      F#m				D
watch you breathe in and out as you're finding your rest I need this 
					A			E
night, yes it's late, but the morning will come and I know and I know