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Today Is In My Way Tab

Here it is!
Song:  Today Is In My Way
Artist:  MxPx
Album:  Life in General

guitar 1 plays this:
B, F#, G#, E
while guitar 2 plays this:


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C            G                  A
It breaks my heart, it makes me sad
            F                C
To think of all the times we had
            G                     A
You made me laugh and you make me cry
             F           C    G   A  F
And all that I can do is sigh
           C   G   A   F
and wonder why

How will I get through tomorrow,
If I can't make it through today?
How will I get through tomorrow,
when today is in my way?

  C  G  A    G     C   G  A  G
Today     is in my way.

C, G, A, F

C              G               A
What's done is done and in the past
            F              C
good things come and go so fast
                 G               A
You looked up at me and said goodbye
         F              C    G  A  F
All that I could do was sigh
           C   G  A   F
and wonder why

On this part, just strum C and let it ring:

I deserve all that I get

Serves me right I will admit

and today just won't go away

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