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The Silver Screen Chords

Band: MxPx
Song: The Silver Screen
Tabber: Justin Gair
I have never heard this song on an album, but I listened to it on Mxpx's profile on Anywho this is a phenomenal song by one of my favorite bands of all
time. Enjoy

By the way, this song is in 6/8 time

Intro:  e-----------------
        D-----2-----2-----   Just Pick that over and over again

Pick the following chords for the first verse how ever you see fit. Just listen to the rythmn.

	The screaming was silver, this silence was gold
        A2            	           C#           B  
	The skin felt so warm, the blood ran so cold      
	I felt like a character that dies in the end
	A2			      C#     B	      E
	The credits role quickly, the frames blur and blend 
	The fades were ingenious, the cuts were so clean
	A2	                      C#           B
	If I could just realize what they meant to me
	What have I done as I'm holding the gun
	A2		           C#  B     E	
	I murdered this love, now I'm on the run

[ Tab from: ]
               C#  B  E
Chorus: On The Silver Screen
	A2	          B         E
	Ride off in the sunset with me
             C#              B           A2
	The curtains would close and the credits would role
	           C#  B   E		
	On the Silver Screen

	A fugitive running when bad times arrive
	A2		       C#        B
	Me and my heart wanted dead or alive
	Send out the hounds to pick up the scent
	A2		       C#	  B          E
	Put up some posters to find where your love went


 	   A2		       B
Bridge:I picture a sun setting on a small town
	      E		           A2
	Where music was playing on snow cover grounds
 	    F#                            B
	The smell of your sweet skin was too much to bear
	    A2                     B
	To reach out and touch, to play with your hair



E -0-      A2 -0-      C# -0-     B -0-      F# -x-
  -0-         -0-         -0-       -0-         -x-  
  -1-         -2-         -6-       -4-         -x-
  -2-         -2-         -6-       -4-         -4- 
  -2-         -0-         -4-       -2-         -4-
  -0-         -x-         -x-       -x-         -2-