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Punk Rawk Show Chords

Submitted by RiotGirl
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Intro.:  C  A  D  G  (2x)
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Verse 1:
C                 A
We ain't got no place to go
    D               G
So let's go to the punk rawk show
C               A
Darlin' take me by the hand
       D           G
We're gonna see a punk rawk band
C                 A          D         G
There's no use in TV shows, radio, or rodeo
   C           A
I wanna get into the crowd
   D              G                   C                C  A  D  G  (2x)
I wanna hear it played real      1.  Loud         2.  Loud

(Repeat Verse 1: Double time)


Ain't got no money to pay
We'll get in anyway
Doesn't matter I don't care
It's feel good so we should share
F                   G    D     C  A  D  G
We're going to the punk rawk show

(Verse 2)

Interlude:  C  A  D  G  (4x)

(Verse 1)