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MUSTARD PLUG - big daddy multitude - "mr. smiley"

Tab written by:  Michael Raven (

hi all. this is the guitar tab for 'mr. smiley' by mustard plug, from 
their album 'big daddy multitude'. for the most part, the chords should 
be right, and i'm assuming you all know how to play ska on your guitars. 
lyrics may be a bit off, but oh well, this is guitar tab, not poetry 
lessons :) ...have fun and enjoy =)


(this little part of the ditty is played mostly by strumming the strings 
separately, not in whole chord fashion, also, colin seems to maneuver his 
fingers around a bit to get some very high notes in these chords. while 
im not going to take the time to figure it all out note for note, the 
chords listed below formt he basic foudnation for the intro, as well as 
the rest of the song.)

D / A / Bm / G


(now make all the chords skanky.)

D / A / Bm/ G

[ Tab from: ]
verse 1:  i remember how it used to be 
	  and all the things you said to me
	  you always taught me right from wrong
	  (wrong from right, right from wrong)
	  till you went on a killing spree
	  and killed your family
	  why is this the way things have to be
	  tell me

verse 2:  you always had a smile on your face (so big)
	  i never thought you'd be a criminal case
	  till i saw your face on my tv
	  was it just for entertainment
	  'cause now you face solitary confinement (in jail)
	  why is the way things have to be
	  tell me



(the same old chord progression is used here, except that colin decides 
to take the Bm up an octave (this is a pain to play sometimes!) so keep 
that in mind while playing.)

D / A / Bm / G

oh mr. smiley
how could it be true
the things they say that they knew
i can't believe it
what has happened to you
i took my time 
while thinking it through
digging for facts
believing in you
oh mr. smiley
would you give me a clue
why they said it was you
i can't accept it
tell me it's not true
'cause you were once so good to me
oh mr. smiley, tell me how it could be

[guitar/trombone post-chorus]:

(same chords, but this time i believe they are played as either barred, 
or else a barre dropping out the top 2 or 3 notes, leaving only the 
bottom three.)

D / A / Bm/ D

MUSTARD PLUG - big daddy multitude - "mr. smiley"

David Kirchgessner:  vocals
Colin Clive	     guitars and vocals
Anthony Vilchez:     bass
Nick Varano:	     drums

Craig DeYoung:       alto sax
Bob Engelsman:       trombone
Mark Petz:	     tenor sax