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Just Friends Chords


      Em   Dm   Cm
E |----7----5----3---- strumming: v ^ v ^ v... ^ v
b |----8----6----4----
g |----9----7----5----
d |----9----7----5----
a |----7----5----3----
e |-------------------

       ?1        ?2
E |----5---------7--------- strumming: v ^ v ^ after hammer v ^ v
b |----5---------7---------
g |----5---------7---------
d |----5---------7---------
a |----5---h5----7---h7----
e |------------------------

Em                             Dm
girl i know this might seem strange but let me 

                  Cm                    ?1         ?2
know if i'm out of order for steppin' to you this way.

Em                              Dm
see i've been watching you for a while

                   Cm                      ?1               ?2
and i just gotta let you know that i'm really feelin your style.
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Em                    Dm
cuz i have to know your name 

                   Cm                       ?1                ?2
and leave you with ma number and i hope that you'll call me someday.

Em                    Dm
if you want you can give me yours too

                   Cm                       ?1                 ?2
and if you don't then i ain't mad at you, we can still be cool girl.

Em                        Dm
i ain't tryin' to pressure you

                   Cm                         ?1                  ?2
just can't stop thinking bout' you, you don't even really gotta be my G.F.

Em                     Dm
i just want to know you name 

                   Cm                   ?1         ?2
and maybe sometime we can hook up, hang out, just chill. 

just continue the pattern through out the song